Services & Prices

Our Quality Sewer Services and Its Prices

We Service:

Catch Basins:

(Car Washes, Garage Pits, Stormceptors, Stormsewers) Prices vary due to size and the material in it. (Large Stone, Sand, Clay)

Grease Traps:

(Small traps on Homes, and Restaurants) These prices also vary do to size and how often they need to be done.

Holding Tanks:

Due to the size of some tanks we price these as a per gallon rate, and that depends on how often they need to be serviced.

Septic Systems:

These are the easiest to price there are only a few different styles. Our prices are as follows

1 Tank systems = $195.00
1 Tank split systems = $206.00
2 Tank systems = $228.00
2 Tank split systems = $248.00
3 Tank systems = $248.00

*Prices are subject to change without notice

Sewer Truck 2

We service residential, commercial and industrial clients.